Two Winners For Week Two!

We had a last minute prize claimed, but even with the O-Phos off the board we still have two amazing prizes up for grabs!

Big congrats to Rick W. over in Colorado, enjoy that new O-Phos and be sure to let everyone know what you think!

As the O-Phos vape departs the Joyetech eCab Starter Kit and carrying case have slid right in to take its place. The eCab is one of the best vape pens for e-juice in my opinion (and many others opinions for that matter). I picked one up and have had a hard time putting it down since.

One straggler remains from last week, lucky for you guys and gals, and that prize is the Atmos Junior vape pen. This small yet incredibly powerful pen quickly and efficiently vapes all your waxy material for one of the fastest dab on the go vapes we’ve seen. It is truly remarkable how great this vape works considering its size.

Now would be that time to check your email inbox and all corresponding folders for an “Important message from EZVapes” letting you know you have won. If you won simply reply to that email with where you want it shipped and before you know it the package will be at your door.

In order to win you of course have to be entered, goes without saying, I know, but better safe than sorry. If you haven’t yet joined the EZVapes community, or aren’t sure if you have, get involved here. This also makes sure you’ll get our weekly vaporizer newsletter that contains pics and reviews of new products as well as unadvertised deals and discounts.

Looing for a deal? Well we’ve got you covered this month with our 15% off sale on ALL VAPES. Every single vaporizer. Simply enter the coupon code “VAPE15” at checkout and watch as your price magically sheds 15% off the total. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

Hopefully we have these two prizes in two winner’s hands come next week, but if not you know we’ll keep at it until they do find new homes. Anyone have anything planned for Thanksgiving Eve? Let us know in the comments! Always a crazy night every year.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. yea

  2. Donna Heidger says

    This year stayin home and makin a big dinner for family ,gonna pig out and then kick back and do some vaping and relaxation and then the day after gonna go to hubbys gig to do a little partying to some good old ROCK N ROLL 🙂 no fuss and no rush this year for me

  3. Donna Heidger says


  4. Andrea (Otter) says

    I would try and get a vaporizer, but I’d have to be taught how to use it. I’m sure that vaping would help even more with the depression that I have from both mastectomies. Some day I’ll be able to get one! Good luck with your sales and I really believe in what you’re doing!!!

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