VapeXhale Cloud Now In Stock!

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

One of the most unique and impressive vaporizers out there is now in stock and ready to ship, the VapeXhale Cloud vaporizer!

The VaperXhale vaporizer hands down delivers some of the best vapor quality you could ever imagine. The all glass vapor path, PerpetuHeat system, and the option of either the included angled glass whip or the option to upgrade to the HydraCirc glass water tool.

VapeXhale is one of the only vaporizers with a 100% all glass vapor path. Why is this important? Why should you care? Because glass is completely non-reactive. Making it the safest, cleanest, and most enjoyable way to vaporize. When using a vaporizer with an all glass vapor path you immediately notice the bump in overall quality.

The “PerpetuHeat” system utilized by the Cloud vaporizer makes it so no matter how hard or soft you pull from the mouthpiece or HydraCirc the amazing vapor quality will stay consistent throughout. It doesn’t matter if you have the lung power of Michael Phelps or someone who has had asthma their entire life, the VapeXhale will deliver the most consistent experience you have ever tried.

Pre-orders are done and this amazing vape is ready to ship! Order one now and start experiencing what everyone has been talking about.

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