Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review

Vapir hit the scene in the early days of the vape game, but really started taking off when they released the Vapir NO2, which still remains very popular to this day. I still have mine despite it being one of the first vapes I ever got! Now Vapir is back with the Vapir Rise to prove to everyone they still know what’s what when it comes to vapes.

I would frequently think “Man, what is Vapir up to?” knowing that they had to be working on something. Then one day Vapir  posted a simple image on Twitter. Nothing but a logo, but my question had been answered and I was immediately intrigued. Over the next few days they teased a few more pictures, nothing too revealing, but my interest was officially piqued.

So not too long ago the day had finally come, the Rise was here and I immediately scooped one up and have been using it for a good amount of time now. As Vapir had done with the NO2, the packaging for the Rise was exceptional. The outside box has a great design with a nice full color picture of the Rise on it, but when you open the box that is when it gets really impressive.

Every part and accessory is laid out nice and neat in this tray with a box sleeve, it truly is something to marvel at, but also a bit overwhelming if you haven’t read through the instructions first. I will admit that even with my experience with vapes I needed to read the quick start guide in order to get it all set up properly, but only one quick read through did the trick.

The Rise comes with a tray to neatly store all the parts.

The Rise comes with a tray to neatly store all the parts.

The Rise itself is a nice size, not too big or bulky at all and the design is really stylish. When you first plug it in and turn it on the LED display and touch buttons light up a vibrant blue, really makes it look almost space age. The Vapir Rise vape uses the vertical set up that you might be familiar with on the Extreme Q, which is far superior to the classic box set up you used to see all the time.

I decided to start out with the balloon method since that is usually the biggest pain between that and the whip method to set up, I wanted to conquer it right away and get it out of the way. No matter which method you choose at first it starts the same. You take the top chamber and add on either the dry herb chamber or the essential oil chamber by snapping it into place. I really like the way it snaps into place firmly, no guessing on whether or not it is secure.

Now is when you have to add on either the balloon or whip attachment to the top of the chamber. When using the balloons, you have to first attach the black piece with the blue o-ring, where you attach the actual bags, to the top of the chamber. Next a quick press of the fan button will begin to fill your balloons with vapor. When it is all filled up, turn the fan level all the way down, twist off the balloon attachment from the heating chamber and connect the whip attachment to the end to form the mouthpiece.

Unsurprisingly the whip method is much less involved. Start with the herb attachment being attached to the heating chamber, followed by the piece you just used as the balloon mouthpiece or the multi-user attachment. From there attach the whip tubing to the small piece at the top and if your Rise is already at temp you can begin pulling to get some nice tasty vapor. I found actually using the fan at level 2 with the whip attached delivered the vapor at a nice, slow and enjoyable pace.

The HEPA filter is easy to install and when your first gets too dirty, it comes with a second to throw right in.

When your pack has expired and it is time to reload you have to be extra careful. When you pull the herb attachment out of the heating chamber it is going to be HOT. Luckily, Vapir includes a small piece that forms to the bottom chamber perfectly so you can remove it to reload without burning yourself. If you don’t read the instructions this is something that is very easy to miss and I had the burn mark for a couple of weeks to prove it.

One of the main draws of the Rise is that there is a HEPA air filter installed at the base of the unit. This works to filter any outside air being brought into your vapor as clean and clear as possible. I can’t honestly say that I noticed a difference in vapor quality with or without it, but it certainly can not hurt having it in there and the affects just may not be something you will consciously notice.

That being said, the vapor quality the Rise delivers is top notch. Right up there with all the vapes it is in direct competition with and I’d even venture to say a notch above in some cases.

Overall the Vapir Rise vaporizer really lived up to the expectations I set for it knowing it was a Vapir product. My favorite feature is definitely the multi user attachment, it really solved a problem I had while vaping with friends, which was the game of vaporizer musical chairs. I’d highly recommend the Rise to anyone who wants a premium table top vape that does it all — at a very reasonable price point.

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