A Closer Look: The Vapman Vaporizer

The Vapman vaporizer is an extremely underrated vaporizer, mostly because of its looks and operation. However, this portable powerhouse packs a serious punch and is grossly under appreciated amongst its peers. The Vapman portable vaporizer has a lot to offer for something that is barely the size of an egg.

The Vapman is 100% hand made in Switzerland out of the finest wood, making each one essentially a collector’s item. The limited amount that reach the states are often wiped off the shelves almost immediately. When you first get the Vapman it is stored, appropriately, in a small egg shaped carrying case that snaps in half to open up.

The Vapman itself has basically two pieces, a top that has the screen and the mouthpiece and the bottom which has the herb chamber and brass heating plate. The heating plate is where you put your material on and then twist the top half to the bottom half to keep your material secured.

When you order the Vapman you get a free large torch lighter so you can use your Vapman right when it arrives.

Once your Vapman is packed you use a torch lighter to light the bottom of the heating plate, with your material on the other side. After only about 7 seconds you will have a full chamber of vapor and can pull directly from the mouthpiece. The space from the chamber to the mouthpiece is an extremely short distance, delivering hard hitting yet still cool and smooth vapor.

The wooden design of the Vapman is shaped so it contours your fingers while holding it, making it extremely comfortable to hold. Also the cone shape design of the heating plate allows you to put the flame of the torch lighter directly to the plate without heat creeping on either side and burning your fingers.

You can see how the metal washer blocks any material from falling through the open areas of the herb chamber.

The amount needed for the Vapman is very small, saying it is a pinch would still be painting too large of a picture. Loading the heating plate is made very easy by the included washer metal ring. It rests neatly around the plate to block any of the material from slipping through any cracks. You will get about two very big, strong pulls each time you load the chamber.

Cleaning the Vapman vape is also incredibly easy. When you are done most of the used material will fall right off, with anything left over simply brushing off. From there you can take a q-tip with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol and wipe the heating plate completely clean in seconds.

The Vapman is great for anyone who wants a small portable vape that is just as good for use at home as it is on the road. It can vaporize in seconds and its small size is almost unbeatable amongst other hand-helds.

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