VaporBLUNTs Everywhere! 4 Vaporizer Winners Selected!

We’ve got a bit of a VaporBLUNT extravaganza going on today with 4 new vape winners being picked and 2 of them getting VaporBLUNTS!

We struck out last week with no one claiming their prize, so this week the Kanger E-Smart, Dube XS, VaporBLUNT and VaporBLUNT 2.0 will all be up for grabs to new winners!

We’ve sung the praises of the VaporBLUNT in the past and that is no different with the VaporBLUNT 2.0 as it improved across the board. You have 5 heat levels to choose from, with the 5th and highest heat level being for essential oils and concentrates. Yes, the VB2 does dry material as well as essential oils and concentrates, definitely a major plus. It is about half the size of the original VB, heats up faster, has an improved basket screen design, and everyone’s favorite, the stir tool cap, has returned!

Go ahead and check your email inbox you used when you joined the EZVapes community and became eligible for the giveaways (if you haven’t yet you can do so here) and make sure you check all folders in your email including the spam folder! Last thing you want is to check and find out you won but it’s too late to respond.

We still have a few weeks left on our sale on dry herb vapes, enter the coupon code “HERB” at checkout and instantly net 15% off any* herb vape in your cart. We JUST got the grand prize vape for this month back in stock, the Baker, and highly recommend you check it out and pick one ASAP. I absolutely love mine and haven’t been able to put it down.

That wraps up this week, but we’ll be right back here again next week with the new Lotus J Hook Kit up for grabs, have a great weekend!

*few exceptions may apply

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