Vaporizer Review: Inhalater

Portable vaporizers have seen improvements in pretty much every area over the last year or two. Lithium-ion batteries, quick heat up times, smaller sizes, easier operation, you name it and it has seen some type of improvement recently. So it is no surprise that the newest portable vapes to hit the market, such as the Inhalater vaporizer, continue this trend.

Coming from our friends Pharmacor Technologies up north in Canada, the Inhalater vape has taken us all by surprise with its similar operation to other popular hand held vapes, like the VaporBLUNT, but in an even smaller overall design.

Starting with construction, the Inhalater portable vaporizer has a really solid construction but without the bulky weight you might expect. The Inhalater weighs just under 5 ounces, making it one of the lightest vaporizers we have seen considering its capabilities.

The Inhalater vaporizer has reached your target temperature when the LED light turns a solid green.

On the bottom of the Inhalater herbal vape you will find your temperature dial with 9 different heat level marks, with “Max” being number 10. Hearing “heat levels” you may instantly think of the Arizer Solo, but this improves upon the idea. It is a dial, rather than dedicated settings, so if you happen to like the experience between heat level 4 and 5 then you can use that, instead of having to choose one or the other, leaving you in full control.

The 9 different levels range from temperatures as low as 284° Fahrenheit to as high as 393° Fahrenheit. Most will want to start at the 5th heat level and adjust upwards or downwards from there depending on the experience you are looking for. If you want cooler, but also smaller, vapor pulls you will want to dial it down. Want thicker vapor pulls? Adjust the dial higher up and throw on one of the included hygenic mouthpiece extenders to avoid any harshness.

Full Heat Level Chart:

  • Level 1: 140° C / 284° F
  • Level 2: 147° C / 297° F
  • Level 3: 154° C / 309° F
  • Level 4: 161° C / 322° F
  • Level 5: 168° C / 334° F
  • Level 6: 175° C / 347° F
  • Level 7: 180° C / 356° F
  • Level 8: 187° C / 369° F
  • Level 9: 194° C /381° F
  • Max: 201° C /393° F

Right above the temperature dial you will see a small LED light and the micro USB plug, to charge the Inhalater vape, right next to it. The LED light here is solely to indicate to you whether the Inhalater is charging or needs to be charged. It is always best to have one light dedicated to charging and a separate one for when the vape is heating up, especially when you can use the vape while charging like you can with the Inhalater.

The Inhalater and VaporBLUNT have similar vapor quality, but the Inhalater vape has a more portable design.

The micro USB plug is a very smart addition, as most Android phones use a micro USB plug to charge these days. So if you have a phone that has one of these plugs you already have a spare charger, even your Android car charger works. The Inhalater vaporizer comes with a micro USB cable that you can plug into your computer, or the included wall charger, giving you multiple charging options right out of the box.

The lithium-ion battery on the Inhalater can keep it going through up to an impressive 2 hours of continuous vaporization. Though if you are using higher temperature setting, from level 7 and up, expect to get more towards an hour and 15 minutes. Either way, these times measure up with the best of the portables right now.

Towards the top you will find a second LED light, this one indicating when the vaporizer is off (the light will be off), the vaporizer is heating up (blinking green light), or it has reached your desired temperature (solid green light). There are also several black rings covering where the vape tends to get the warmest, making gripping the Inhalater comfortable at all times.

Adding the hygenic tip on top of the mouthpiece gives your vapor extra time to cool.

At the very top you reveal the mouthpiece of the Inhalater by removing the cap. The cap is a great way to make sure any dust doesn’t accumulate while the vape is not in use, a great added feature. When you pull the mouthpiece out you will see a short capsule attached to it, which is where you load your material.

Once loaded you simply put the mouthpiece back in the opening up top and you are all set to vaporize. The way these capsules are loaded is perfect because they can be preloaded and easily inserted without interrupting your session. Your Inhalater hand held vaporizer comes with two capsules, with mouthpiece attached, so you don’t even need to purchase an extra right away to enjoy the quick change benefit.

The capsule is made of Polyimide, which is know for its stability under high temperatures, chemical resistance, and noticeable amber color. So your material only makes contact with the Polyimide capsule and not the walls of the heating chamber, delivering exceptional vapor quality.

The Inhalater portable delivers a really enjoyable and smooth vapor overall, no matter which heat setting you adjust it to. A lot of that has to do with the Polyimide capsule, but the super efficient heater must be mentioned as well. We suggest adding on one of the included hygenic tips if you are using it at or above heat level 7 as it cuts away any little harshness you might experience.

Despite its small size, the Inhalater has a deep herb chamber. Going as deep as the Polyimide capsule seen on the left.

Of course one of the most tedious processes with any vape is cleaning. Thankfully Pharmacor Technologies made things easy on you with this one. The outside can be washed off gently with a soft cloth, but that isn’t something you will have to do often at all as the tough exterior doesn’t accumulate fingerprints and doesn’t get dirty easily.

The Inhalater comes with 20 cleaning tubes that work perfectly to clean out the inside of the heat chamber, as well as the capsule. We recommend cleaning out both the capsule and chamber after each and every use, as it will keep your vape working great continuously.

The Inhalater portable vape represents yet another advancement in the vaporizer industry, continuing the trend of durable vaporizers offering excellent vapor quality and easy operation while remaining pocket size. Previously the two best vapes for their size were the Vapor BLUNT and Arizer Solo, the Inhalater has immediately thrown its name into that same discussion. Be sure to check it out at!


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