Waiting to VapeXhale

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

The moment has finally come, the VapeXhale Cloud vaporizer is on its way to our warehouse and almost ready to ship out!

The VapeXhale Cloud home vaporizer is a table top vape that offers vapor delivery either through water filtration using a hydra tube, or direct inhalation through a small angled glass mouthpiece. Either method delivers some intensely smooth vapor with incredible efficiency.

It has a super simple interface, allowing you to set your temperature with the turn of a knob and, once you find your desired setting, simply leave it there for quick and easy use every time. This vape is one of a kind and definitely something you should be looking into. Stay tuned for a full write up on the VapeXhale cloud coming soon.

Call us ahead of time to pre-order one now!

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