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One of the things EZVapes is best known for is our legendary vaporizer giveaways. But with 2016 here, we figured we would change it up a bit and give you the choice of what your prize will be from our selection of over 1000 items this time around!

So on that note, we are proud to present our first ever gift code giveaway – with a twist. Unlike previous giveaways, this one will give you a chance to improve your odds by sharing your unique referral link after entering the contest!

Each time you share your personal link, and each time someone signs up through your link you earn additional entries in the contest, which are all automatically tracked by our systems! This is a good thing because it gives our most active supporters a better chance at winning.

With that in mind, the drawing is still absolutely random to keep things fair, so while those who share most and refer the most new sign-ups will earn additional entries, anyone can still win! And don’t worry, we have some ultra-high-tech-space-age-type ways to catch cheaters, so you won’t have to worry about someone cheating and getting a prize you would have won.

Whew. Now with all that out of the way, here is the dirt on the contest details, including how to enter:

Step 1: Click here to enter (this giveaway winner has now been selected, join our email newsletter for updates on the next contest). Please note, you must enter to win. Previous entries to our other contests will not be carried over to this specific giveaway.

Step 2: Once you submit your name and email address, you will reach a page with special share buttons and your unique referral link. Use the buttons to share to your social accounts as often as you like! It is also a good idea to post your unique referral link in groups, forums, or wherever else you hang out online.

Step 3: (Optional) Visit the sign-up link again at anytime once entered and you will see your total points earned.

That’s all there is to it!

The winner will be selected on Feb 18th randomly from everyone who entered and will automatically receive an email at the address they entered with.

The winner’s first and last name will be announced in the following places (your email address or any other identifying details will not be published):

They say money just isn’t worth what it used to be. Some might even say that $100 could not be considered a spree. To that, we say “hogwash”. The fact is a hundred bucks goes a long way at! So hop on the gravy train and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to snatch this c-note and scoop up some sensational vaping gear. It is free and you’ve got nothing to lose!

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