Wrapping Up September Giveaways: 3 Winners Selected!

Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday we announced these giveaways! Well the time has come to give out the grand prize and take care of these stragglers from the previous weeks!

We again had only one prize claimed, the Magic Flight Launch Box which is on its way to its happy new owner Richard. But as the MFLB leaves the party, the grand prize Pinnacle Pro is stepping right in to take its place!

I sound like a broken record at this point, but this poor little Incredibowl m42o pipe is still without a new home for the fourth week in a row. Here’s hoping it is the m420’s lucky week and it finds itself a loving new home!

The Atmos i4 vape is still in the running as well. This super discreet and versatile vape is a sure bet to make anyone who wins it extremely pleased. E-juice, dry herbs or tobacco, the i4 vaporizer can handle it with precision and ease.

That brings us to the big dog of these giveaways in September, the Pinnacle Pro by the vaporizer masters at VaporBLUNT! This vape has hit the ground running with amazing reviews and it has certainly lived up to the hype created by its release.

All three winners have been sent an email already, so now is the time to check your email inbox and all folders in case the message from us informing you that you won got filtered into a sub-folder! That is the number one way people miss these so be extra careful when checking!

Not sure if you are even eligible for these giveaways? Well getting involved is quick and easy, just join our awesome and continuously growing community and that will instantly make you eligible for all the great giveaways we do on a weekly basis.

The giveaways aren’t through for the day quite yet, in a short while we’ll be doing our daily e-juice giveaway on our Facebook page! So make sure you check in and keep an eye out for when we post the pic to share!

I’ve been warning you week in and week out to take advantage of our 15% off sale on all portable vaporizers. Well, now the pressure is really on as we only have 3 DAYS LEFT! Don’t be the one kicking yourself when the sale ends and you waited too long, click here to take advantage of this sweet deal.

As we¬†head full steam into the weekend we want to take a moment to thank all of you for interacting with us and making all these giveaways possible. We of course couldn’t do this with out you and it really is fun to get you guys some free gear. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you early next week to announce the newest set of giveaways!


  1. I will take it off your hands for you if your so disappointed!

  2. Diane Trudeau Scribner says

    I could be the winner, won’t make my cry!!

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